Hi there my new friends !

Tiziana here welcoming you to my kitchen, our family and our home.

Just a quick little snippet about me...

I was born in Calabria, Italy and moved to the United States with my parents and four siblings in November of 1986. 

I am the last of 5 children...this is where I smirk and say "they saved the best for last". Yes, I was the annoying little sister everyone tortured :)

More importantly...I am a dotting mother of two amazing children who truly keep me on my toes every day.  They have given me enormous strength, reason, and purpose.  I strive to make them proud as much as they strive to make me proud.

Last but most definitely not least...I've just celebrated another amazing wedding anniversary with my effortlessly clever, endlessly funny, grand hearted hubby.  There isn't enough room to share our story but in our young lifetime my wish for all is to have a love like mine.  And now that we work together...oh boy...I can definitely tell you we really do love each other!  We need a lot of patience, and a lot of love!

Now that you've had a seat at my table, and I've poured you a glass of my father's home made wine.  Let me tell you what you'll find through this in our  DSI KITCHEN.

My kitchen is a sacred space where laughs and tears are shared and memories are made.  Emotions make up such a big part of my kitchen and recipes.  The collection of family and tradition are so important.  The gathering of friends and special moments create this haven that is my kitchen. 

And now I'd like to open those doors to you and share those recipes and stories! We enjoy cooking together as much as we enjoy sitting together and eating all of our delicious foods.

Here we will welcome our friends and family to join us as well, as we will welcome you!

Thank you, for your love and support !



Let's get cooking


We are so excited to share with you our favorite recipes, many of which we have worked on over the years or have been passed down and are close to our heart. 

With a love and passion for cooking and baking alongside my mom, children, and friends there is absolutely nothing in this that fills a home like the warmth & love that is found in my home Kitchen.

Gatherings with family and friends and all those that we love are the best surrounded by amazing food.

Join Tiziana and the DSI Family ~ With love ~ 


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DSI Manifesto


Here at DSI our goal is not singular, not set in stone, nor does it fit neatly in a box.

We created what we hope to be a brand of eclectic ideas, unique collections, and inspiring stories. DSI is an original brand of heart, family, friends, clients, and followers.
These are the stories that make every day at DSI inspirational, and we can't wait to share them all with you!